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          We provide you access to our broad supplier network and well-maintained supplier database to find you the right suppliers.
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          We accelerate your whole supply chain and make your manufacturing process better, faster and more cost-effective.
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          Whether you're looking for a reliable 3.7v 13mA soft pack lithium battery supplier, or you need an engineer for the root cause of a vibration issue at your suppliers' site, we design a tailored solution for you and get started easily.

          Supplier Sourcing

          Supplier Assessment

          Critical Component Sourcing

          Finished Product Sourcing

          Contract Manufacturer Selection

          Technical Due Diligence

          Product Cost Analysis

          Supplier Management

          Project Management

          Supplier Quality Management

          Supply Chain Management

          Manufacturing Engineering Support


          Our sourcing services enable you to take full control of the supply chain, get direct access to the factories and put the savings directly into your own pocket.

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          Hands-on experience, deep insights

          We’re more than your boots on the ground for action plan execution: we anticipate and mitigate your supply chain and manufacturing risks, fast.

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          Local team, international background

          Our team have working experience from both OEM brand companies like Apple, Honeywell, Nokia, and factories like Foxconn, Flex, Jabil. We’re fluent English speakers with a cross-cultural mindset.

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          What you can expect from us

          Processes and tools

          Our mature, practical processes and tools will equip you with the ability to manage suppliers more effectively and efficiently.

          Tailored solutions

          We analyze your real needs and provide tailored solutions to drive your business growth.


          We bring together both technical and commercial expertise to give you the insight, foresight and independent advice you need to build and protect your business.

          Onsite management

          We love rolling up our sleeves and working hardto solve some of the most challenging manufacturing issues before they reach you.

          Action plans

          We provide result-oriented action plans to reduce cost, reduce risk and raise performance.


          We keep our promises and we believe this is the core of trust. We won’t engage unless we are certain that we can add value to your business.

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